This page is created to give access to the English version of our tools

  • Organizational Participatory Research (OPR) practice guide

o   Bush (McGill) & Tremblay (ULaval)

o   English Version: OPR Guide

  • Automated Text Classifier of Empirical Research (ATCER)

o   El Sherif & Nie (McGill & UdM)

o   Web Application: https://babel.iro.umontreal.ca/index  

  • Toolkit for Rapid and Rigorous TransCultural Adaptation (RR-TCA)

o   ChildBRIGHT & El Sherif (SPOR & McGill)

o   English version: TCA-RR

  • eSRAP: a collaborative research trend monitoring (web ) system

o   Tang et al. (NRC & McGill)

o   Tutoriel

  • DDS: Dynamic Description of primary care Services (in Quebec)

o   Kilpatrick & Pluye (UdM & McGill)

o   Web site: ddsquebec.ca

  • Web applications for data analytics combine modern statistical approaches and machine learning with multi-platform data visualization

o    Zhang & Schuster (McGill)

o   Aboutalebi & Schuster (UdM & McGill)

o   Motulsky, Guillen-Cuevas & Schuster (UdM & McGill)

o   Visit our showcase page: Data Analytics